Large offering bowl in solid silver – Laos – circa 1900-1920


Large offering bowl in solid silver – Laos – circa 1900-1920. These offering bowls (generally for fruit) are, judging by their decoration, more specifically from the Luang Prabang kingdom.
The extreme delicacy of the execution allows it to be approximately dated (because, thereafter, the quality of execution deteriorated sharply).
Good condition.
Silver is verified sterling (red to the touchstone).

The exterior diameter and interior remain perfect and without warping or dents (which is fairly rare).
The item was collected serveral years ago in the PhonSavan region (Plain of the Urns). It is a burial object that was entirely black and brown at the time of exhumation… The interior may be further cleaned by hand.
Some fairly slight dents on the top exterior edge – scratches and markings under the pedestal – no bulging to note.
These bowls have become rare and extremely expensive to buy locally (Vientiane, not to mention Luang Prabang!… which is now a kind of ‘Saint Tropez of the Mekong’!).
Dimensions: max. diameter 21.5 cm – min. diameter 15.3 cm – height 7.4 cm.
Weight 356 g

Ø x H
21,5 x 7 cm
8,5 x 2,5 inch

0,35 kg
0,78 lb